Hosting : Deploy Bakery Application

Hosting : Deploy Bakery Application


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Build locally first

npm run build

Fix errors if any, Once we're able to build locally, we can connect our github repo branch to amplify, so that it'll automatically build.

Goto project in Amplify on AWS Console,

Give github permissions to your repo and select it.

Go to Advanced settings, and add the below environment Variables, Click Next


Add a custom domain with a free SSL certificate

You need to add the CNAME record to your domain, we'll use a subdomain here, If your domain is registered using AWS Route 53, It'll automatically do the SSL Congiguration


Now we just need to create a CNAME record for subdomain and redirect it to cloudfront URL.

bakery CNAME

Let's goto Route 53 and add the CNAME record.

Wait for a few minutes, if your build was successful, you should be able to see our web app front page