Expanding Boundaries of Healthcare with Technology and Innovation

Expanding Boundaries of Healthcare with Technology and Innovation


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Now we reached an era where technology is used very commonly and in big amounts in the Healthcare sector. without technology there is nothing. Healthcare is now increasingly blooming as an industry, especially with advancements in technology and remote e-healthcare facilities. Healthcare is the industry where quality customer care is most important. In today's world, health care is driven by technology and medical science, market demand, public policy and so on. But not all the healthcare sectors accepted this change yet. At some hospitals, patients have to struggle with repeated visits to hospitals, financial crises, lack of quality care and treatment and many more. We will discuss them one by one as follows :

Current Problems in Health Care:

1. No Remote Access - The health industry is part of face-to-face consultations. As a result, patients must have to go to the hospital to receive treatment.

2. Financial crises - As patients have to visit hospitals for treatments, they suffer from financial problems. It also includes revisits, long stays and readmissions in the hospital.

3. Struggle to protect Patient's sensitive data - Managing patient-related data is one of the most difficult tasks in healthcare. Store this data in files is a challenge that hospitals need to address. Data overload and mismanagement cause wrong diagnoses, improper treatment, etc.

Advantages of IOT in Healthcare

The major advantages of IoT in Healthcare to reduce problems of patients and the health industry includes -

1. Remote Monitoring - Real-time remote patient monitoring via connected IoT devices can help to diagnose illness, treat diseases and save lives in case of any medical emergency. Also, it helps patients with fewer visits to hospitals and get instant responses from doctors.

2. Reduction of Healthcare Costs - With the help of IoT, reduces costly re-visits to doctors and hospital admissions.

3. Medical Data accessibility - With the help of accessing electronic medical records, patients can receive quality care and also helps medical experts to make the right decisions and prevent complications if any.

4. Improved Healthcare and Treatment Management - By using IoT devices, can track patients' responses and can reduce medical errors. Also with the help of IoT devices, Healthcare industries can get valuable information about staff effectiveness and equipment.

Solutions using IOT

Some of the Solutions for the difficulties faced by the Patients and Healthcare industries using IoT devices are as follows :

1. Invest in Healthcare Mobile and Web applications- IoT devices enable remote patient monitoring platforms. This creates a better and more reliable experience to provide quality care to patients. The use of technology in mobile healthcare helps to track patients' health with the use of smartphone apps and wearables. With help of that wearables and apps, people can get to know if there are any medical errors are going to happen.

2. Reducing Healthcare Costs - When it comes to solving the problem of healthcare cost reduction, prevention plays the most important role. Wearable technology sensors allow you to monitor everything like blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level and it will prevent costly treatments.

3. Invest in Data management Systems - To avoid heavy losses in data, it is important to invest in data management systems. Digital healthcare technologies give powerful and effective solutions. It keeps patients and all administrative data safe.

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